Almond Internet Security

Take control of privacy and security for your IoT devices.

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Rammohan Malasani
Inventor of Almond Routers
Thanks Kevin for hunting! PHers can use the discount code PHSECURIFI to get 25% off Almond-2015 (which can run IoT Security) One of the cool things this service does is provide a list of sites visited by your IoT and network devices. This metadata provides great insight into devices like cameras and always on-speakers. Do those device actually stop communicating when you turn them off in the app?? Do you suspect any of your devices might be upto some monkey business, communicating with sites they shouldn't be talking to? Let us know and the best entries will get a free Almond-2015. I was personally curious how often my Amazon Echo and Google Home talk back to their servers and was surprised to find Google pings back regularly every 5 minutes whereas Amazon Echo stays silent. I wonder why Google pings back so often.
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Camron Cade✈️ Austin, TX
Pretty cool idea. I'm especially wary of IOT devices because it seems they're not as robust on the security side as my computer, and even my computer I worry about. I love the idea of being able to see the metadata on what your devices are connecting to, though I'd doubly get a lot of value out of someplace that had a directory with a report on different IOT devices and their background sharing and connection habits. Best of luck to you all; this is really cool!