Almond Internet Security

Take control of privacy and security for your IoT devices.

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Rammohan Malasani
@rammalasani · Inventor of Almond Routers
Thanks Kevin for hunting! PHers can use the discount code PHSECURIFI to get 25% off Almond-2015 (which can run IoT Security) https://www.securifi.com/almond-... One of the cool things this service does is provide a list of sites visited by your IoT and network devices. This metadata provides great insight into devices like cameras and always on-speakers. D… See more
Camron Cade
@camroncade · ✈️ Austin, TX
Pretty cool idea. I'm especially wary of IOT devices because it seems they're not as robust on the security side as my computer, and even my computer I worry about. I love the idea of being able to see the metadata on what your devices are connecting to, though I'd doubly get a lot of value out of someplace that had a directory with a report on different I… See more