Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi System

Mesh WiFi router with smarthome hub and Alexa voice control.

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Have been using Almond 3 for a couple of days now. I live in a two floor house (2400 sqft) and my old router was on the second floor. Sometimes the wifi signal was weak in my room on the first floor. Was looking to buy a wifi repeater! Almond 3 was a perfect solution. Easy to configure and create a single WiFi network in a couple of mins. Works great so far!
@kwdinc great to hear that. Any particular features you like in the app so far?
@rammalasani I love the ability to stop providing WiFI access to a particular device from the app. Seeing the log of devices getting connected to the router from the mobile app is pretty useful as well. We have like close to 20 devices (laptops/phones) that connect to WiFi network at home.
@kwdinc if that's your favorite, here's a neat trick. You can tag one or more devices as 'kids' and block them together by saying "Alexa, tell Almond to block kids internet" using Amazon Echo or Dot.
I posted a previous Almond router about two years ago on PH: this new version features mesh networking and makes setting up home automation very simple. Ram and the guys there have been kind enough to let me and some other product hunt users try out Almond3s for a few weeks and I personally have had great performance so far. Press around this latest release:
@_jacksmith thanks for the post and being a beta tester :). PHers - I'm the founder of Securifi and happy to answer any questions!
@rammalasani @_jacksmith How does Almond 3 compare to Canary?
@mythoughtz1 you can create a pretty powerful DIY home security system with Almond 3 by adding compatible sensors like door, motion, smoke, etc.. that cost $20-30. You can find the full compatible sensor list (over 100) on our website. One difference with Canary is we don't have a built in camera But a free door sensor is shipped with every Almond 3 bundle. You can combine the door sensor, built in siren with Almond's awesome presence detection (using wifi devices) to build a security system right out of the box. You can add more sensors as you like to expand the system.
@rammalasani I've got an Almond+ (love it!) Does it support mesh networking?