ALMA's Wildfire Relief Fund

Support the CA wildfire relief in <30 seconds.

Want the simplest way to support wildfire relief? We've made it easy for you. Join ALMA's Wildfire Relief fund, support great local nonprofits. Donate with Apple Pay or whatever is easiest for you. 100% of your donation goes directly to charity.

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Michelle Rittenhouse
Co-founder of ALMA. Former PM @ Airbnb.
Hi Product Hunt! We're ALMA, and our mission is to make philanthropy easy. About a year ago, the wildfire destroyed homes and neighborhoods in Sonoma. We could taste the smoke in the air in San Francisco. We wanted to help, but found it surprisingly hard to know how to donate best. News sites were publicizing lists of nonprofits, but required us to do our own research and pick which nonprofits to support. This time around, ALMA is here to make it simple. For the recent California wildfires, we've created a fund of six local nonprofits helping with relief efforts. Join a fund, pay with Apple Pay (or whatever is easiest), and get a tax receipt. 100% of your donation is sent directly to the nonprofits - we're even covering credit card processing fees. Since launching last week, this fund has raised over $2,000 and was getting donations at about $2/min over the weekend. Giving back made easy. Please let us know what you think about this fund; we'd love your feedback to help ALMA grow and have a greater impact!