Chef prepared, plant powered meals delivered to your door

Delivering delicious, chef-prepared meals to your door, ready-to-eat from frozen, hacking your time, health & tastebuds with the power of plants. From creamy Cashew Mac to an indulgent Lasagne with walnut ragu or rich & spicy Jerk Jackfruit, each meal is handmade to inspire a new world of delicious, nutritious, affordable & easy plant-based living.

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I've been an allplants customer since last November and honestly love them. My favourite new find of the last 12 months! I'd recently become a pescatarian and wanted to remove more animal based products from my diet but didn't really know where to start (plus I'm not a great chef and tend to work evenings so spending time in the kitchen isn't my forte). Allplants to the rescue! Their meals are just delicious and super fast to prepare. My favourites are the BBQ Burrito Bowl, Wild Green Curry and Smoky Soul Chilli, but there isn't a dud dish out there. The service from dish selection on their site, to delivery to your door is so easy and their customer service is impeccable. Can't recommend highly enough.
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Great seeing this here, had my first All Plants meal at @ems_hodge place, and it was yummy! How did All Plants go from idea to reality, and any plans to expand to new countries soon? @alex_petrides
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Hiya @abadesi sooo cool that you've already tasted our delicious meals. Thanks! Our mission to inspire the next billion plant-powered people, all comes from a personal journey for @alex_petrides and I - realising that if we care about the planet, supporting the animal ag industry doesn't jazz with that (because at global scale it is SO crazy inefficient and destructive!)... and then discovering just how delicious and healthy a wholefood plant-based diet is, IF you have the time to get creative in your kitchen. That was the thing, like @ems_hodge said... as soon as you don't have time to, or just don't enjoy donning a chefs hat... there is NOBODY making it easy, delightful and nutritious to eat more plants! So annoying! So we started cooking (and running weekly supper clubs) to use our allplants remixes of familiar classics (like our Lasagne Noci, or Pulled Jerk Jackfruit) to excite everyone's tastebuds. The more we cooked, the more impact we were having - so we decided to build a kitchen and start cooking for anyone in the UK. A few months later we launched a hyper prototype version (classic lean validation - will anyone buy, can we ship to Aberdeen, Cardiff and Cornwall, will anyone come back!) and the response was overwhelming so we've been expanding our kitchen and growing our menu ever since. Today we're available to all of mainland UK, and in the next 18 months, while that's our main focus, we'll be starting to prime and test to new countries too... this a global movement, so we're building the global home of plant-based living! ✌️🌱
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I found out about these guys 6 months ago and have been ordering religiously since. Allplants make the damn tastiest food, and all completely plant-based. Cashew Mac, Lasagna, Moussaka, Fiery Jerk Jackfruit. Warm hearty meals, but vegan! They arrive flash frozen and then you just chuck them in the oven/microwave. The packaging is all recyclable, delivery emissions offset and of course plant based has a far lower carbon footprint. Importantly though they just taste great.
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@jackson_harries you beauty, we love love cooking for you and making new flavours every month... next one just out YASAI YAKI UDON... watch out!!
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @ems_hodge for hunting us and being a loyal allplanter! Taking on a plant-rich diet is like driving a Tesla. It’s better for the planet, full of fresh experiences and makes you one of the good guys. My brother and I started allplants to make it easy, affordable and exciting for busy people to eat more plants. Over the past 18 months, we’ve built a 40-strong, passionate team and launched in Beta, delivering over 200,000 meals across the UK from our MVP production kitchen in North London - extended modularlly four times since launch to keep up with demand (lots of knocking through walls!). We’ve had a lot of love and learnings, while creating a 5-star, award-winning service: nutritionally awesome, ready to eat, plant-based meals, delivered to your door. Our meals are just the beginning. We aim to build the beautiful home of plant-based living, inspiring the next billion plant-powered people. To celebrate being hunted, we’re offering Product Hunters £15 off your first delivery with code PHLOVE15 (valid until EOD Saturday!) Whether you’re a full-time carni, part time plant-eater or total plant-head, we’d love your feedback on our eComm site and full end-to-end service, tasting notes included. Peace & plants, Alex
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I've been using allplants for over 6 months and I am a very happy customer. Delicious meals, chef prepared & frozen so you know they are yummy, fast & easy to prepare & all plant powered so you can feel great about eating them! I can't say enough good things about this company. From their mission, their food, their customer service to the founders. Simply fantastic. Even if you aren't vegan of looking to remove meat based products from your diet completely, the meals are delicious, healthy and leave you full, happy and energised.


Delicious, fast and easy to prepare, plant powered, leaves you feeling energised and healthy, good for the planet.


None really. I'd love even more meals but they keep releasing new ones that just get yummier and yummier!

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