Allo and Duo

Google’s new smart messaging and video calling apps

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Based on what they've shared so far... Allo: What iMessage should be Duo: What FaceTime should be
It's a little surprising to see Google announce these as separate apps but it'll likely make more sense once we can start playing with them later this Summer (in hindsight, it's clear why Facebook split out Messenger).
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@rrhoover +1 on "what iMessage should have been"
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@vm4canvasflip @rrhoover not what it "should have been." what it should be, for Android. iMessage pushed the boundaries of the day back then. Apple should be thinking and working on some big updates to messaging and video/voice for iOS 10. if not, it's a huge missed opportunity.
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@rrhoover What's the thinking to offer: Allo + Duo, Hangouts, Youtube In-App Messaging, & Spaces? I guess Google wants to give you enough options so you're not tied to one, but how do you know what your friends will actually use lol?
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@nyactor I see it beneficial to have a private video with anyone. iOS users can easily video chat like face time with Android. I've missed so many moments having an iOS extended family..
Cap Locks Disrupted.
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needs a blink tag
Google in the messaging space with Allo and Duo I like the preview video feature. I'm going to use it as a mini-audition to whether I want to pick up the phone, depending on your mood; hungover - yes, crying - no, drunk - no, laughing your head off - yes. For future use Allo, Im more of a haha kind of guy :)
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@bentossell but what if someone is genuinely busy and you see someone trying to get your attention? Won't you just feel like a terrible person?
@calum_webb @bentossell I think that is the idea of knock knock. You can let them know you are busy.. Or are you meaning if you choose to ignore completely?
@lauriedesautels @bentossell I mean see someone "knock knocking" and then purposefully hanging up
@calum_webb @lauriedesautels yeh I mean ignoring completely if I'm not in the mood ha
@bentossell @calum_webb Gotcha! Yeah maybe it will have a dnd feature?
Google's Video App has a cool new feature that lets you see a live video stream of who is calling so you know if you wanna answer
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@nivo0o0 lmao when he hanged up on his daughters
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