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#1 Product of the DaySeptember 21, 2019
Allegory is a beautiful and powerful notes app with a heavy focus on new iOS 13 features. The slick animations complement the app’s iOS-centric UI, whilst the powerful set of features enhance the usability. ✏️💙
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Allegory is a best in class iOS 13 notes app. TL;DR: A beautiful notes app with all the new iOS 13 features, using brilliant custom animations whilst retaining an iOS-centric UI. Focus on writing, whilst retaining powerful features. It contains dark mode support, a standalone Watch app, universal app, Today Extension, iMessage Stickers, Siri shortcuts, iCloud sync, CoreHaptics, VisionKit, ContextMenus, Natural Language, PencilKit, export to files, markdown support, biometric locks, custom app icons and themes, URL Schemes, custom action extension, accessibility and VoiceOver enhancements, it’s localised in 10 languages, and much more. It's also currently featured on the App Store under 'New Apps We Love' and 'Apps With Voice Control'. 🎉 You're going to love it. If you have any feedback or thoughts, I'd love to hear them! ✌️
@jpeguin1 Congrats on the launch!! 🚀🔥
A beautiful app with a lot of care from a talented developer!
@heidi_helen Thank you, Heidi!
I used this app during its beta, and the level of care and attention to detail in the user experience is great. The note-taking interface itself is very focused and distraction free, but the app itself has a bunch of powerful customization options.
@ductionist Thank you, Ben!
This looks really cool, and well done on the App Store feature too.
@cristianmoisei Thank you, Cristian!
When is the android app launching?
@edward1 No plans as of yet for an Android app. My next platforms will be macOS and web.
@edward1 @jpeguin1 The app looks super amazing but if it does not sync with Android, there’s not much point in it for me, since my phone runs Android. Since you’re already planning a web version, a progressive web app that works off-line could be a solution. What do you think?
@edward1 @jpeguin1 would love a web version since my primary device is Android (but have iOS for my Apple Watch and EQX ONE). Just started using NoteJoy for work. The drawing capability you have would be killer for my workflow!