Allbirds Tree Runners

Silicon Valley's favorite shoe now made from trees

Turns out, comfort grows on trees. With the help of our planet’s incredible natural materials, Allbirds is delivering the same comfort you’ve come to love in a soft, silky-smooth new material: Tree.

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Hi! Is being made from trees a good thing? Paper is made from trees, and it’s kind of frowned upon.
@rueter I think with shoes it's the carbon footprint you leave behind, because most shoe manufacturers use a lot of chemicals to make shoes.
@svenvd_zee fair enough, it’s not a criticism, just a question. I think the use of the word “tree” gives off a sort of, “we chopped down this tree to make you some sustainable shoes,” and it comes off as a bit ironic.
@svenvd_zee @rueter cutting down trees for paper is actually not that bad. The companies set up fields and replant trees when they are done so that when they finish with the last field the 1st field is ready to be cut again.
Did anyone else’s wool loungers stretch out really badly, or just me 🤷‍♂️😢
Me, and everyone I know, bought Allbirds for their parents this past Christmas. I'd say that's a real win for the company. 👟👞👟👞
@jacqvon whats so good about allbirds, for the uninitiated?
@jacqvon @orliesaurus Supposedly, the comfiest shoe in the world.
@jacqvon @orliesaurus @jeddyhsu I haven't tried anything other than regular running shoes, but compared to them, the wool Allbirds are like a pillow.
It's funny that this is in the Tech category on PH 😄
@jmsuth It's the official shoe of techies in SF haha
Hopefully they last longer than the wool versions.
@pinksad How long did yours last? I wore my first pair all day for 13 months (with socks).
@askdaylen About 3 or 4 months, hand washed my grey runners and they split, my black runners are so loose they look like ill-fitting socks, and i don't wear my loungers enough for them to stretch out so they're in the best shape out of any of them - pic here: ft @nydrewreynolds
@pinksad I have never washed them, as I wear my Allbirds with socks; but very good to note that for the future. Did the company send you a new pair?