All Your Passwords

The offline macOS password manager

The 100% swift, 100% open source, offline password manager.

That's 200% password managing power.

This app does not sync your passwords anywhere. Everything stays on your mac. All of your passwords are stored on your mac in an encrypted sqlite database.

Keep your passwords on your computer and in your control.

Requires macOS 10.14 or later

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Hello Product Hunt! I'm Sean, the maker of All Your Passwords. Just want to thank everyone who followed along at, I've been blogging about this project since Jan 1st and I probably wouldn't have made the progress I have in the last 30 days without people clicking unicorn buttons, so thanks for those ❀ and πŸ¦„. β€” All Your Passwords is a macOS exclusive, open source password manager without cloud syncing. πŸ”₯ The fire I'm aware that there are a lot of password managers. Even open source ones. I didn't make this because it's a new thing, I made it because I loved my current password manager, until they started trying to move everyone over to a cloud syncing subscription. That was the final straw for me. πŸ¦„ The mission I tried a bunch of other password managers, open source ones, not open source ones, nothing felt quite as good as my previous password manager, so I set out to take the most minimum set of features I could get away with and make a brand new 100% swift password manager in 30 days, alongside my full time job. That's right! No electron, no clouds, just you and your passwords in a relatively well designed app. With All Your Passwords you can: - Manage your passwords πŸ˜… - Use the handy, dandy keyboard shortcuts to quickly sign in places - Save your precious battery life by not running yet another electron app - Be sure that your passwords are safe and sound on your computer
Great job Sean! Loved to follow along your daily posts on making this app, and congrats on finally launching
@frcbls Thanks! I'm just glad you didn't block me with my daily progress spam 😬
This is a great idea. So many password managers are horrible. Can't wait to try it out.
@skyler_westby It's true. Plus they aren't open source, how can you trust them?! Don't forget to use the code ph-50 to get 50% off πŸ˜‰
Is this 100% safe?
@wasap nothing is 100% safe. I hope they get it reviewed by experts like remembear or other apps.
@wasap it's as safe as the rest of the stuff on your hard drive, if you're interested in the source it's here
@wasap @niklausgerber This is a great idea! I'll definitely do that as soon as I figure out how to!
@wasap Looks like he is using random number as password generator .. Would highly recommend against that ..
@wasap @nauticality what would you recommend for password generation instead?
Awesome work! Would be a good idea to have some peer reviews that authenticate it’s safety :)
@qwoods13 Definitely! It is open source so that should be pretty easy πŸ˜…
@swlkr Sorry, missed that at first! Is the sign in process similar to 1Password in that it recognizes the website you've visited to populate the fields? Or do you assign keyboard shortcuts to each?
@qwoods13 it's pretty basic right now, when you enter a new website/username/password, it tries to download the favicon right then and there, and that's pretty much all it does. oh and there is no signing in, when you open the app, you set a master password which encrypts a sqlite database and that's it, you can start adding passwords, all offline
@swlkr Just made my purchase - happy to support and try this out with my family! Do you have any plans to increase functionality and improve the user experience?
@qwoods13 yes i do! I'm planning on 1password import, a companion iOS app which syncs the passwords between the desktop and iPhone, possibly some sort of haveibeenpwned integration to tell you about compromised websites, oh and completely customizable fields for each login, not just username/email/password, mostly for security questions and things like that