Unlimited high-def music

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Streaming a "high def" version of Ed Sheeran's track "One" HTTP Header reveals as source: Request URL: are you serious?
Isn't this the same thing as Sylo?
Lol they used the Spotify->YouTube web player template. Costs $45 haha
@sajsanghvi yes it is literally what sajan is telling here a clone:
"Alizarin is a 100% legal method of streaming and managing not only songs, but entire albums. By linking content from premium services such as Spotify and Apple Music with the power of subscription-free streaming services such as YouTube and SoundCloud, you see a beautiful combination come to life. This creates the perfect free music streaming solution without the need for subscriptions or reoccurring payments of any sort." That says it all really. Intriguing to say the least.
Looks a lot like They had a lot of problems legally, I hope Alizarin's fate will not be the same. By the way how Hi-Def is the music? I couldn't find anything on their website.