Play music from SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, iTunes & more

Sylo is an app uniquely capable of searching all music platforms at once, effectively allowing everyone to access the largest catalog of music in the world.

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What's good everyone, I'm Sajan, Sylo cofounder. We're currently in private beta, use the code 'soundcircle' to get in! We consider Sylo the Jon Snow of Music. Right now, the industry stakeholders are fighting one another - record labels, the streaming services, fans, and artists are all at war. Everyone is demanding more money and the deals take years to go through. Meanwhile, the consumer is suffering, as music is fragmented between dozens of streaming services. Sylo exists to bring all of these warring parties together, allowing music fans to access any (legal) song in the world through a single unified platform. By doing so we benefit the consumer in a way that ultimately generates more revenue for artists, labels, and streaming services. For me, it all started with my band 'no suits' and not being able to get our remixes on Spotify, Apple Music etc. At the same time it sucks as a consumer not being able to get all the tracks and artists we love on the service we use. We hope Sylo can be the solution. Enjoy!
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@sajsanghvi how about Android?
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@sajsanghvi Really love the idea and totally agree. Just signed up looks awesome!
@novica93 Thanks homie!!
@rotemthegolfer Dude, totally on the way. Right now I'm the only dev and I've coding the whole thing myself. For sure on the roadmap and will let you know when it's ready.
It's great to be able to use this app just to play the audio from YouTube videos without having to have the phone unlocked & on screen - Youtube videos now = podcasts : )
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This. Is. Awesome. By the way, as one who is always on the lookout for cutting edge music, I recommend HypeMachine. For those of you who consider yourselves music hackers, here is a Google Chrome Extension that injects a download button next to songs on HypeMachine. Enjoy!
@cleggskie HypeMachine is dope. This is one of my tracks that's on there thanks for sharing!!
@sajsanghvi Listening now. Right back at you - (I'm all about a good Chainsmokers flip)
@cleggskie @sajsanghvi This is my favorite chainsmokers flip off their new EP - . Check out the rest of the site for more cutting edge music!
I wish Sonos had an API. Would be super cool to see this integrated with Sonos. Looks nice.
You should add auto playlists from Hype Machine! I would love to use this as my all in one music player!
@samschooler That would be so fresh!! I would have done that already but Hypem doesn't offer a public API yet...maybe I can figure something out ;)
@sajsanghvi You could use their JSON feeds and just pull the stuff from soundcloud. Here is the one for the homepage! Anthony (Hype Machine founder?) is also pretty responsive if you email him directly.