#2 Product of the DayJuly 11, 2015
  • Carrie Jones
    Carrie JonesShoe design is creative and fun!

    You can create your own shoe brand with no financial startup and make $30 (customer discounts reduce this) per pair sold!


    Actually the hardest part is marketing your design to others!

    I am in the process of creatively marketing my shoe! The struggle is real and challenging! Survival of the fittest will make you think of vast ways to promote your design! I am motivated to get my free personal pair of shoes, only if I can convince 6 others to buy my shoes! Check out my design if you like? www.aliveshoes.com/karaokesinga

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  • Jaye Rich
    Jaye RichEccomerce

    I feel aliveshoes is a good fit for beginners who want to start their own shoe line


    no cons just have to be determined to make the money

    I love aliveshoes

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Hey guys, great to be here! We made some cool kicks for the folks at PH. They will be running on those soon i guess :-) https://www.aliveshoes.com/produ...
@aliveluca that's pretty awesome
@aliveluca do you offer the option to work with vegan materials?
@joelle_writes yep, some of the designers can work vegan or unthreated materials with biodegradable soles, organic cotton and synthetic fibers. Still closed to very few of them.
@aliveluca that sounds fantastic... I might have to give that designer application a closer look.
@aliveluca This is SICK. Luca, please email me (shaan at bebo dot com)
Clever. Teespring for shoes.
this cool service lets you design, make and distribute your own footwear
@_jacksmith funny I just posted thid
@henkholveck looks like you posted a link just to your line of shoes, which went into Product Hunt's "upcoming" stream. anyone that's interested, here's a link to Henk's shoe line, as an example: https://www.aliveshoes.com/hauso... he's kindly made the coupon code: APHJZGUYWPZ for $15 off.
I've been wanting to play with new products for my site while others are in progress, and this looks perfect. I like the 7 pre-orders within 30 days because I can quickly gauge if my customers would even want something like this. Excited to try this out.
@gregbarbosa hey Greg, did you already submit your application?
@aliveluca Not yet. I'll be doing it later tonight :).
Good to see you on here @aliveluca ! I still have these in my closet from my time at TNW :)
@bramk ahah those were cool! We should send you guys a full set of PH kicks now ;)