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Today, we're excited to start our public beta in the U.S. with the release of Alively, a new app available in the U.S. App Store that makes it easy to capture & share everyday moments privately with your friends through live or recorded video. Alively is only available on iOS in the U.S. App Store and will be coming to more markets soon. We're excited for you to try and hear your feedback. Here's the story behind Alively and what inspired us to build it: Life is made up of moments. Moments that are worth sharing. From the profound to the everyday, we believe all moments are special because of who we share them with. Sharing those moments is what connects us and makes us feel alive. That's why we're building Alively. We want to make it easy and fun to capture and share those everyday moments as they happen with friends. Real moments that go beyond the highlight reel. Moments that people in our lives wouldn't want to miss. Shared moments, in real time. We think the best way to do that is through high quality, privately shared live video, so friends can share and experience that moment with you as if they're there. Alively makes sharing video easy by letting you pre-select a friend or group of friends who you want to share with before you start capturing it. You can also start recording instantly and add friends to share with as you're recording. Only people you shared with can watch live and comment to participate in that moment with you as it's happening or they can catch the video later. And you no longer need to worry about freeing up space on your phone to record video because we upload the video and store it securely in the cloud without taking up any space on your phone. This is Alively. We want you to be able to share moments without missing the very moment you're trying to capture. Share everyday moments in the moment with Alively.
@lavrusik Congrats on the launch, Vadim! Do you have an Android version in the works?
@heoj Focusing on getting iOS right, and then will have an Android version!
@lavrusik love this man! Snagged the @adam username. Suckers.
@lavrusik @heoj I really think being seamless in cross platforms is really important early on to take advantage of the network effect. All the best
Congrats, @lavrusik! There's obvious similarities between other livestreaming apps like Facebook Live which you worked on at Facebook. What's the core difference or insight that you're focused on with Alively? P.S. I'm rrhoover on Alively. 🤗
@rrhoover @lavrusik I'd be curious to know this answer as well.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, there are a couple of things here but perhaps the most notable one to be aware of is that the product is designed for one-to-few video sharing (live or recorded). We really wanted to build something that made people not just comfortable with sharing live video to a few friends, but something that people can use to share intimate moments with the people who will care about them most. If Facebook Live is the TV camera in your pocket, Alively is like your camcorder. In terms of features and experience: *Narrow-casting vs. Broadcasting: Alively makes it easy to share video privately by selecting individual friends or a group before you go live, during or after you’re done recording. Only people you select can watch the video. *Share Videos...Live or Later: You can use Alively to share video live, record video and share later or upload and share videos from your camera roll. *High Quality Video: Alively uses unique patent-pending technology that enables people to share high quality live video of any length regardless of your internet connection. *Everyday Moments vs. Highlights: Alively is designed for sharing everyday moments. Rather than feeling like you have to perform or get lots of viewers, it's about sharing that moment with who would care about it most. *Makes it Easy to Send Videos: You can send video to your friends who aren't on Alively yet through SMS. They will get a text with the video caption and link where they can watch the video on a mobile page. Most of the market still uses SMS to send video but the quality gets compromised and they take up a lot of storage on your phone.
@lavrusik @rrhoover so the the day facebook allows live streaming to "groups only" you re done?
@ourielohayon @rrhoover it already does, and we're just starting :)
Love the idea! I think video is here to stay so you're in the right place. One quick suggestion: Your website and graphics are appealing, but there's way too much text. It makes the app seem overwhelming and complicated, even though I know you're just trying to explain the features. One example is you can simplify "Capture High Quality Video of Any Length & See Live Interactions" to just "Capture HQ Video". I think most people assume videos can be any length unless told otherwise, and it's not immediately clear what live interactions are (you could make a separate screenshot for that).
Another connect with your friends, unless they are on Android, app. (sigh)
It looks like this is one of today's app gaining international publicity whilst available exclusively as usual only in the United State of America. The good news I managed to get the app and my requested username by going through the U.S App Store, signing up I found could be done with my UK mobile phone number even though I have an American number for things like this.
@ianmayman Hey Ian, we limited to the U.S. to start out so that we could take time to learn from that market before expanding to more markets. You'll be pleased to know we expanded to the UK, Canada, Australia and NZ and plan to rollout to more markets soon.