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Alitu helps anyone create a podcast in the easiest way possible. Simply upload a raw recording, then we’ll take care of the rest, including audio cleanup, adding theme music, assembling your recordings, a custom podcast editing tool & publishing to your host.

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Hey folks, I'm Colin - I've run since 2011, and been a podcaster since 2007, and Alitu is something that's been brewing in my head for a long long time... We get 1000s of folks on The Podcast Host website every day, and some of the top questions we get include: "How do I edit a podcast?" "Why does editing take so long?" "What bitrate or format should I use?" Alitu is designed to take nearly all of the tech out of podcasting. It's your automatic podcast producer. You upload your raw audio recordings (1 or more) to Alitu, and it does this: 1. Processes the audio to polish it up 2. Helps you edit - you can cut out mistakes or trim the clips 3. Pieces together all of your episode clips (interview, news segment, listener clip, advert? No worries!) 4. Allows you to set fades or transitions between every part 5. Adds your theme music, start and end, and different tunes if you like 6. Exports a final file with perfect format and settings 7. Publishes automatically to your podcast hosting platform We made Alitu so that you can spend far less time editing and producing your show, and far more time creating great content. Do the part you love, after all :) If you fancy trying it out, we've got 7-day free trial where you can create one full episode. And if you want to keep using, here's a Product Hunt launch coupon for you: use huntthehalf to get half-off your first 3 months. I'd love to hear what you think - please do let me know what features you'd love to see in Alitu next! Colin
@thepodcasthost This looks great. I'm trying it today. I've been looking for something like this (the interface is beautiful and simple). Good luck with it!
Great job team, looks good, I like the interface and design of your solution
@bitrewards Thanks Alexander! Yep, totally lucky to have found the designer we did - Ryan's done a great job with the UX and the UI. Always happy to get feedback to make it even better though :D
Hey Colin, this is great! Well done. I watched the intro video it seems super easy to use.
@akislaopodis Thanks Akis, really appreciate that! I need to try and get the video on here to :D Yea, the aim is to make this the easiest possible way to put together good quality, professional sounding audio - so that ANYONE can do it, not just someone who's into the tech.
This looks quite nice Colin! I was just watching the video, I am curious to know if you could add two audios on the top of each other? It is something I wish anchor did to allow us to easily add soft background music, effects etc.
@guillaumebardet Yes, love this - right now we can overlap your intro music, or your outro music, with a voiceover. So you can have music playing underneath your first 30 seconds, or 2 minutes, for example. And we have it in our roadmap to create templates where you can put a music bed under ANY section of your show in future. We'll allow you to take a 2 minute (or any length) section right in the middle of the show, and fade up music underneath it, play for the duration, and then fade out. Does that sound like what you're looking for? Really interested to hear what exactly you'd like this feature to do.
@thepodcasthost That sounds interesting, thank you for clarifying :) Will you be able to edit the fade in / out? To be more specific, a great example is Masters Of Scale, I found it interesting how they add certain effects, soft background music behind the voice without really stopping what's happening. I think it brings up the production value quite a bit.
@guillaumebardet Yes, that's something we're planning just now Guillaume. I'm thinking through a way to provide 'audio templates' of a sort to bring in music in different ways, really really easily. You're right, just a couple of segments like that add a whole lot of polish to a show, and I think we can provide a few different template types to make you look like a pro editor, with just a few button clicks :)
Con: This is very similar to the workflow for editing a podcast in Audacity except that Audacity is free and this is a subscription. Pro: This looks 5x better than Audacity.
@felicianotech Haha, thanks for the honest review Ricardo. You're right, Audacity is a great tool, and it's totally free. My aim with Alitu is that it saves a lot of time by bypassing Audacity and it's ilk altogether, by automating decisions around normalisation, conversions, including music and crossfades, exporting settings, etc. Totally, you can do that for free in Audacity, but I believe that a lot of people will pay a bit extra to not have to do it at all, and edit in a much nicer environment :-D
@felicianotech @thepodcasthost I just wanted to share that as a newbie podcaster using Audacity, I have no idea how to get a workflow set up like Allitu. (I work with a producer for my podcast, but would love to edit smaller episodes myself!) The interface looks great!
@felicianotech @geekgirlweb Thanks for saying so Rebecca, much appreciated :)