Verify your story with passive geo tracking and Touch ID

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Zack Shapiro
Zack ShapiroHunter@zackshapiro · Building something new. brb.
This may be the first product directly inspired by Serial. @DannyPier built this. It's a fun little app to use. Whenever you stop for a period of time, it asks if you want to check in, learns your frequent locations and you verify it all with Touch ID. If you ever need to verify your whereabouts, alibi. can help. Nice work Danny!
Danny Pier
Danny PierMaker@dannypier · Co-fouder, Kaylo
@DannyPier Thanks @zackshapiro! This was a fun one to work on. Really excited to keep adding to it.
Brenden Mulligan
Brenden Mulligan@mulligan · Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
@DannyPier did you by change use for this? just curious as we're starting to see those screenshots in the wild :)
Danny Pier
Danny PierMaker@dannypier · Co-fouder, Kaylo
@DannyPier @mulligan YES! We absolutely did. AMAZING. I wanted to give a PH mention here but didn't come across the page. Just found it now. Will add as related product.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I'm very interested to hear the backstory behind this, @DannyPier. Coincidentally, an Android app with the same name, Alibi, records audio (and video if you choose) 24/7 for similar use cases.
Danny Pier
Danny PierMaker@dannypier · Co-fouder, Kaylo
The idea came from @richarga9, so he gets all the inventive credit. It stemmed a bit from Serial Podcast where not having an alibi for 21 minutes was a big deal in a murder case. There were then questions of where was the phone. Was he with it? Etc. Made us wonder if a phone record could still be a focus piece of evidence today. We thought we'd use Touch Id on iOS in a bit of a unique way and add some credibility to your location history with your thumbprint taken at that location and time. Of course, we're not taking it too seriously. This probably should not be the centerpiece of your defense, should charges be brought against you. At the end of the day it was a fun little app to work on.
Joshua Dance
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
@richarga9 @dannypier I haven't listened to Serial, but wouldn't a phone record like Moves, or just the triangulation data from your cell company be proof enough? Seems like a fun little app.
Danny Pier
Danny PierMaker@dannypier · Co-fouder, Kaylo
@richarga9 @joshdance agreed, there are tons of apps out there for location data in addition to iOS keeping a record of location data itself. alibi. adds the ability to verify with TouchId, which provides an additional bit of "you are who you say you are" verification, not "someone else had my phone" which was an explanation used in the Serial Podcast. Granted, even TouchId can be thwarted. At the end of the day, it was something fun to make. We'd love to build a little user base and get some feedback to help decide features to add going forward and ultimately just be a fun app to use.
Zac Davies
Zac Davies@zacdavies · Customer Success Manager @ Mentorloop
Alternative workflow: I use combined with to easily see where I've been on a map :)
Danny Pier
Danny PierMaker@dannypier · Co-fouder, Kaylo
@zacdavies sure, you won't get any argument from me that there are other ways to view your device's location on a map. I think there are a myriad of alternative workflows if you're looking to record location. we're trying to introduce a "YOU were here". not just a "my device was here". it's a subtle difference, but an important one if you think about the applications of authenticating your presence.