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I wish I had this when I was in uni. Great work!
What am I missing? I only see a blank screen.
@jorge_bestard strange... should show what is in the screenshots
@jorge_bestard Did you open up the app by clicking "GET IT" button? What interferes may be the `?ref=producthunt` bit. On my Mac, the screen goes blank immediately after the pop-up banner appears. It seems that this happens on Chrome, not on Safari. Close the banner by clicking the "x" icon.
@shoichiaizawa that did it. Impatient me didn't hit the X =)
@bentossell @jorge_bestard It works if you fork and clone and run it locally with http-server.
This is beautiful! Thank you for making this! I have been working on graph database projects and social graph project for years. Maybe I will use this for my future projects :)
This could be used as an awesome tool for teachers. Well done!
Algortihm teachers will love this... I totally recommend this tool for people involved in programming courses.