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Hi Everyone, We are happy to present our app - Akku. Akku is a simple mobile application to help you eat healthy. Often, it is difficult for us to choose the right nutrition plan or diet. We have to spend a lot of time researching on how to build our nutrition. Many of us spend a bunch of money on nutritionists. Our app solves this issue. You just define your desired outcome, enter your metrics, and the application will pick a suitable diet for you. And if you"ll get bored of the diet, you can choose another one. All nutrition plans are standardized and consist of healthy and easy-to-cook recipes. Our list of nutrition programs is constantly growing. Akku is ideal for you whether you’re just curious on how to eat healthy, looking for yummy recipes, or want to find effective diets and nutrition plans. Key Akku Features: • Define your desired outcome: Become healthy, lose weight, gain muscle weight, become vegetarian • Choose between effective and healthy nutrition plans • Akku can choose a nutrition plan for you based on your desired outcome and metrics • Share favorite meals • Receive timely reminders • All meals include detailed directions and ingredients list • Only easy-to-cook meals of everyday products. Akku is free to download and use. We are working hard on developing key function of the App - delivery of the chosen nutrition plan. The reason for over half of all diseases is unhealthy eating habits. We try to show that a healthy nutrition is simple and affordable. This is our small contribution to the change of the world for the better. Looking forward to hear what you think.
Hi! Beautiful app with gentle interface :) But sometimes the recipes are quite difficult, some ingredient is hard to buy or sth. Is there a way to choose alternatives recipes as healthy and matching as the one offered before? Thanks!
@agila_tanirbergenova Hi! Thanx for your feedback) We continuously work to make all recipes easy, healthy and tasty.)) We always try to replace hard recipes for easier ones. The main issue is that we have to keep all nutrition programs balanced and healthy.))
Қазақша жоқ па?
@khangeldy_ylebaev Hi!! We are planning on localizing our app in the near future so that it will be available in multiple languages :)
I'm actually curious how each goal is calculated the deficit / surplus / maintenance. How aggresive is it? Which formula does it use? Also, the FAQ Page doesn't work..
@baidoct Hi! Thanx! We use modified version of Harris-Benedict principle which is based on estimation of an individual's basal metabolic rate (BMR) and daily kilocalorie requirements. Our nutrition programs are gentle and balanced, and can't harm organism. We show only calories rate just not to make interface too difficult. About FAQ, yes))) we're working on our FAQ base and soon it will be available on the web-site.
Amazing app, with a lot of helpful recipes for ur daily life! :)