Personal air conditioner

Airwirl is a personal air conditioner to keep you cool wherever you are.

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I'm curious how long the cooling feature of the device lasts. I couldn't find anything on the site.
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@rrhoover Looks promising. They say that it runs "All day or all night", so hopefully that means all on one fill.
"Somebody" should tell their web "copywriter" that "quotation marks" are easily "overused". ;)
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Mhh color me sceptical. You have to add ice to it for it to cool you. So it’s not really an air conditioner, more like a clever fan. On the site it says it’s the "world’s first self-contained temperature relief device", which it is obviously not if you have to manually add ice. While I don’t doubt that this thing will cool you down, it’s completely over-hyped and definitely not the world’s first. They may have built a really amazing fan that really does cool the air slightly, but it’s not an air conditioner. I would love to see a real test of this thing’s cooling abilities. I’ll be first in line to buy it if it actually significantly cools me down.
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Nice Hunt 😂
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Such an amazing and cool innovation. keep shocking like this. All the best.