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Hello Product Hunt Community! We are proud to introduce AirWander: A flight combination engine that finds multi-day stopovers, and unique cheap flights. AirWander predicts the cost of adding optimal multi-day stopovers. Then, checks all possible flight combinations (using multiple one-ways, multiple round-trips, or multi-city with our without one-ways) to show you the cheapest options. AirWander also finds EPIC optimal World-Tour flights. We look forward to hearing what you think, and appreciate all feedback about our latest app!
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What an awesome way to look at booking flights... add a stopover and pay little or less! Launched at TechCrunch Disrupt London 2016 yesterday after a revamp in technology, branding and offering - previously known as QuestOrganizer Read the coverage on TC h/t @joshconstine
@bentossell Hi Ben, Thank you so much for posting us! It's incredibly exciting to officially launch AirWander (our 2.0) on ProductHunt while we also launch on TechCrunch Battlefield!!!
@inhabit_earth yeah I thought you wouldn't be too busy while relaunching at TC Disrupt so I thought I'd post here too ;) haha!
@bentossell Bigger the better, we think this will add an exponential factor :D
I LOVE this. @suzywillow and I recently traveled to Lisbon and Bulgaria. In between we had a 6 hour layover in Frankfurt, which was a joy to explore briefly. Will explore this before my next long distance trip.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! We hope AirWander can help arrange some longer stays in some incredible cities for your future flights :D
@inhabit_earth @madidi707 Congratulations guys! I have been working on the travel industry for more than 15 years and this is the best engine I have seen. Great UI and overall design!