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This is a clever data collection wedge for the Airtable team. I've struggled to find an on-going use case that really makes the core Airtable product stick, but this may be the angle that does it. I'm a frequent Google Forms user, and increasingly Typeform as well, but those results live in a simple flat file for one time analysis -- joining survey results back to other Airtable records feels super valuable to me.
@strickland_dan Thanks for posting this Dan! Some of the benefits of Airtable Forms include: 1) File attachments (this isn't supported by surveymonkey or google forms) 2) Works seamlessly with your existing Airtable Bases -- with a few clicks, you get a form that matches the existing fields in your Base. 3) Responses show up in realtime, and both the Form as well as the results are perfectly formatted for mobile access. 4) Unlike other standalone form products, you can do much more than just view or export the results. We actually just used our own forms product to build a complete applicant tracking system for a craigslist job posting in just a few minutes. Craigslist job respondents submit their info into our form, then in our Base we have additional fields which aren't visible on the form--such as a checkbox for whether we've reviewed the applicant, a dropdown field indicating the application status ("interview scheduled", "passed on candidate", etc), and a long text field for internal notes about the recruit. We also use the record-level collaboration feature to @mention each other and have conversations specific to an applicant. See here for screenshots:
Great idea, and awesome work @howietl et al. Would be cool to see a product/promo page in addition to the help article Will you guys let people create a form first, and then work with Airtable after that, in addition to the table -> form workflow?
@chrisbarber also would be cool if the Airtable logo on the support page linked to the, or if there was some other link back to the main homepage vs just support homepage
@chrisbarber Thanks for the feedback! We do plan on putting together a promo page for forms in the next few days. In the meantime, check out our blog post! I also just updated our support page so that clicking on the logo will take you to the Airtable home page. Good call on that one! As for going from forms -> table, we may support this eventually but have generally found that the table is the best starting point when it comes to setting up your schema.