Airtable for iPad

As flexible as a spreadsheet. Built for the iPad.

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Howie Liu
Cofounder, CEO @ Airtable
Hi all, thank so much for having us on ProductHunt! We're also thrilled to have been included as one of Apple's featured apps for the week (Best New Apps, and Productivity). We believe there is an enormous need for a general-purpose organizational tool on touch devices that fills in the void between unstructured note-taking, simple to-do lists, and inflexible, clunky use-case-specific apps (i.e. try searching the App Store for "Cattle tracking app"). As such, we put a lot of time and craft into truly rethinking the Airtable experience for iPad to create the best design on first principles, rather than merely trying to shrink our desktop experience into the iPad form factor (or enlarge our iPhone experience). Thanks again, and please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!
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Stephan StrittmatterTalent Scout @ @sybit
@howietl i really love the free service. Currently I try to implement a refugee solution. For that I would look forward to have a customizable menu to associate the views for the Endusers make it more intuitive to use
Robert Stephens
Founder, Geek Squad. Co-founder, @assist
I love this product. It's so well done on ios. Web also looks great. I definitely encourage you all to try this if you have been looking for an easy database system.
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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
The team over at Airtable have just released on the iPad but have implemented many features especially for it. An overview from the site: Much like the iPhone app, the iPad app database displays records as a series of cards (much more tap-friendly than narrow spreadsheet gridlines stretching to infinity). But additional screen real estate means we can take it even farther, by allowing you to expand, read, and edit records while still preserving the context of the list. We designed the iPad app to fluidly adapt to any iPad size variant (from the mini to the Pro), and any permutation of split screen modes — landscape + portrait slide over, landscape + portrait 50/50 split view, landscape 40/60 and 60/40 split view, etc. Once you’ve narrowed your list down, you can filter by district and open house hours to identify all listings you could visit in a single trip. From there, you can simply slide open Maps to grab directions to the first listing and you’ll be on your way! Now, whether you’re planning your volunteering schedule, following up with a client about their furniture order, or even trying to choose screenshots for a blog post, you can keep every detail you need to get things done right at your fingertips.
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Ryan Delk
CEO of Primer
Airtable is one of my favorite apps. It's been on my home screen for a year+, and I use it for organizing just about everything in my life -- both personally and professionally. Love it!
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I'm a big fan of assorted screenshot background colors myself, in general, the marketing aspect of the app is beautiful
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