The lightest 15.6” touchscreen monitor

Weighing only 1.2 lb, AirTab is a reinvented 15.6” portable monitor that maximizes your productivity wherever you are.
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To date every lightweight portable monitor on kickstarter or indiegogo has either been a scam or incredibly slow. Not saying that this one is a scam but beware
@brian_teeman Hi Brian, this is Allen from AirTab. We sent prototypes to different media for reviewing the AirTab. And we also uploaded a lot of initial production photos on our Kickstarter page. We would love to discuss any questions with our backers, which makes us different from those "Scam" projects. Thank you for your support.
Hi Everyone. This is Allen, founder of AirTab. First of all, we truly appreciate your love and support for AirTab. We also want to say thank you to Gennadi for hunting our project. AirTab has been reviewed by PC World( and Notebook Check( If you want to know more about AirTab, please go to our KS campaign page. ( Best Regards Allen
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Im a backer. what is your comment on all the scam accusations? You didn't seem interested in defending your company’s image, nor denying the accusation. I don't see why you’re hiding any facts and deflecting those enquiries. Give us something. Are you for real?