Simple screenshots + annotations for Mac πŸ–₯️

A streamlined interface, support for recording videos, fast sharing, and nothing to configure. Try Cloud Sketch for free to share anything with anyone.

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subscription: 🀣... πŸ€­πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
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@hellotom I'm using it without the subscription; think it just means local access only (e.g. no cloud sync) which is a-okay for me, but obviously YMMV
@hellotom Only appears to require a subscription for the particular cloud sharing feature.
for that price I'd rather go for pro upgrade to ScreenBrush. http://screenbrush.imagestudiopr...
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Ok, so I really like the usefulness of this app (And the subscription model). But I have some thoughts/questions: 1. Why are some basic things missing like crop and resize of the image? Even a tool to blur parts of the screenshot would be insanely useful. If this editor would cover some of the most common post-screenshot editing tasks it would be so amazing. 2. Where are the images stored when saved? It's not completely clear upon first use. 3. Why doesn't the application honor MacOS's saving directory and file naming/format structure? Couldn't it read these settings from the system and use them by default? Thanks again for the app..I continue to test it.
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@cwl_cc Clearly covers all my questions, I will use it anyway seems like a great utility for now but could be improved.
I wish someone would recreate Skitch. I loved Skitch. I think Evernote buying and killing off Skitch was the beginning of the end for EN. RIP Skitch.
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@theleovogel the blows my mind that since Skitch, nothing has come along thats even nearly as useful. It was feature packed and easy to use.
@theleovogel @robjdlc I believe it's nostalgia talking ;) Tech is steadily getting older. And grumpier.
It's like building a flashlight app before the new iOS release, which has the flashlight button on the slide-up control panel. Mac OS Mojave got an inbuilt set of tools for screenshots and annotations. I appreciate the effort but don't really understand the reasons.
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