Simple and beautiful shopping list app for iOS

Airrends is an intentionally simple, but smart shopping list app with a gorgeous design. By letting you quickly add new items on the fly and using colorful category and item icons, Airrends makes especially groceries shopping a breeze.

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As my previous favorite shopping list app (Groceries) stopped working I tried out a number of shopping list apps, but most of them were overloaded and also quite ugly ;-). So I convinced my friend Wolfgang to design a number of nice icons and we created the concept of Airrends, an intentionally simple and beautiful shopping list app. Let us know what you think! :-)
Could you maybe give out coupons? Few people will check out a paid app with no reviews.
@sidyakinian Good point -- the first 10 people who email us on the contact email on the Airrends website get a promo code :-)
Cute! But what about Android?