Airport BINGO

A cynical ray of sunshine in your bleak travel experience

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Hey ProductHunters! Some friends and I had fun at the airport playing "BINGO" with ridiculous things you see at airports. So many friends chimed in with suggestions, that I made it into a web app. It randomly picks from 40-ish crowd-sourced suggestions to make you a new unique card each time you refresh the page. And it doesn't require any server after you load the page, for your airplane-mode-restricted entertainment. Click/tap to mark a square, aaand that's basically it! AMA? Play along next time you travel, or send me pull requests with more suggestions :)
Hi @staringispolite I really like the concept. I think it is genius for location marketing, too. But, i did not understand, how it works. 1. How will people discover the game 2. How people send photos, on twitter etc. 3. I did not understand rules.
Hi @ozguralaz! This was a quick (less than 3hr) side project, so there's lots of opportunity for polish. For now, the game assumes familiarity with traditional BINGO. Perhaps I should add a "rules" link for clarity. For now, people will likely just discover via word of mouth, ProductHunt, and perhaps the hashtag in the title, #AirportBINGO. The fate of the game's virality depends on you! :) Rules: * Essentially, you get a game board (randomly created when you load/refresh the page). * If you see or experience something in one of your squares, click/tap that square to highlight it. * The goal is to get 5 in a row, at which point, you win! * Can be played solo for some travel entertainment, or with friends, where the winner is the first to get 5 in a row. I'd love to build an "Airport BINGO with Friends" if you will, where you login with Twitter, take pictures to verify, and friends (or twitter followers as you suggested!) get notified as you play. If this version sees success, I'll update it to add these things. Maybe it'd even be an excuse to make my first iOS app from scratch! :)
@staringispolite Thank you. I think, it is great idea for location marketing. Imagine, you have a deal with New York Tourism council. And created a game for tourists in nyc. etc. I like the basic idea. But it needs better mechanism. The mechanism you told may not be worked. and look at this for the next version.