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David Ackermann reviewedAirmuleEarn money while flying by selling excess luggage allowance.
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Cheap flights


risk of going to jail for drug trafficking

You are solely responsible of what you bring into a country. If this happens to contain illegal items - you're the one going to jail. Doesn't matter how good your screening is - it is never worth the risk.

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Jared Schwitzke
Jared Schwitzke@jschwitzke
Hi David! Valid concern, however our model prohibits that activity. We're not a platform that allows just anybody to ship through our service. Our shipping providers are those with a high-frequency need for daily/weekly/monthly international express shipping, nearly all of which happen to be in the e-commerce space. The items we receive are typically purchased online by our shipping partners' end users in the US or China.
Robert Magrino
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you nailed it