Use your AirPods with any wired headphone jack

AirFly lets you use your AirPods or wireless headphones with any wired headphone jack.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
This would make my flights πŸ’― times better ✈️ But I wonder what makes this different from other Bluetooth receivers like this πŸ€”
@amrith The Airfly appears to be a transmitter while the Jack is a receiver. But you can get a unit that does both on Amazon for around thirty bucks, so...
@amrith For sure- recently went on an international trip with it and it's nice not being tethered to your seat πŸ™Œ. AirFly is different as it transmits audio from a 3.5mm connected source to your headphones (and is not a receiver like that other product).
Love this product. Checked it out at home. Can't wait to check it out on my next flight :)
@ibaard πŸ‘Thanks Baard! We always love creating solutions that help solve the problems we run into- this was a fun one for us.
This looks awesome. Do you know if it works with a PS4?
@marawan_1997 It will for audio, but not for chat.
Great job!! 😊 Brilliant Idea solves the purpose. 😊