Airbnb for Work

There’s a new way to travel for work

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Jonathan Simcoe
Jonathan SimcoeHunter@jdsimcoe · Futurist, with reservations. //////\
I love that Airbnb is considering the needs of business travelers by offering smart ways to find places to stay as well as tools for companies to manage travel. ✈️
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@jdsimcoe Is this a new initiative? Where was it announced?
Jonathan Simcoe
Jonathan SimcoeHunter@jdsimcoe · Futurist, with reservations. //////\
@bentossell I can't find a blog post announcing it but saw it with a NEW flag in the header of their website:
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@jdsimcoe ahh looks like they just rolled it out fairly slowly to users!
Marcos Ortiz
Marcos Ortiz@marcosluis2186 · Co-founder at Capital Latino, LLC
@jdsimcoe the Business Travel Market is huge in every major region around the world. In 2016, I wrote about the opportunity (more than $700 Billion USD globally), so time is perfect for @airbnb to launch something like this. Check it out the post here:
Jordi Garcia
Jordi Garcia@jordigg · Hacker, Maker, Traveler
Former Airbnb employee here. We use Airbnb at my current company and the main issue we had was that the company was mostly rejected when trying to book trips for the employees since the host couldn't see who was actually going there. Allowing now the employee to book the trip and charge it to the company I'm sure more and more businesses will use Airbnb for arranging employee travel. More features like getting some credit back to the employee when booking under the allowance would be another great feature to have. Great work!
João Gonçalves
João Gonçalves@jpmgoncalves · Product Manager, RedLight Software
The product is not new. I've been using it as it is right now for about one year, or even a little more. The pages to showcase the product are actually NEW!
Quinn Hubertz
Quinn Hubertz@quinnhubertz · Product Guy
As someone who recently started staying at Airbnb's for work trips, I love the push to start formally promoting more and more business travelers to stay at Airbnb's as well (and reducing the friction to expensing them). Great work @jgebbia!
Stefano Vettorazzi
Stefano Vettorazzi@deleted-339712
I wish they were a public company.