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Cook and eat meals with locals who treat you like family

#5 Product of the DayNovember 25, 2019
Cook and eat meals with locals who treat you like family. Every dish has a story, whether you’re shaping ravioli with an Italian grandma or making mole the ancient Aztec way.
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This is one of my favorite tech launches of this year. Food is absolutely at the centre of culture and if you want to experience another culture to it's fullest, you must try their food. Airbnb is taking this to another level by having the same people who make this food also teach you how you can make it is such a great idea.
Wow, i'm looking forward to this launch! This will be an additional factor, an enticing factor, for wanting to book an AirBnB. Will be interesting to see the reaction and feedback that hosts and renters provide once this launches.
just in time for the holidays.
Finally, I can live my dream of learning to cook pasta from a real (slightly tech-savvy) Italian Grandmother 😭
Great great great Idea, It is a great way to experience the city you are visiting from the locals. I even love it more that it is connected with food :) hahaha