Airbnb Affiliate Program

Earn a commission for every booking & host signup you drive

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 30, 2017

The new affiliate program offers 2 types of incentives for traffic sent over to Airbnb’s website for every booking made by Airbnb guests and/or whenever new users sign up as hosts.

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Great monetization option for companies/influencers with 1M or more monthly visitors. For everyone else.. well..
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@bryonshannon As matter of fact one of the requirements to be part of the program is to have a website with 1 Million monthly visits.
I'm always shocked when I found out more people don't know about AirBnB Now I will be paid to recommend them So Dope 🚬🚬
@dredurr I agree! The enthusiasm in explaining what their missing is always 11 out of 10!
Per their info page: We look for sites and mobile apps with: "An audience consisting of no less than 1M visits or app openings each month" An odd gate to throw up at the outset, imo..
@searchbound It's likely done for quality purposes. Amazon had a huge issue with low-quality sites with the sole intent of earning referral income and adding no value.
@searchbound @ziggym0 yup.... audience quality is generally very very low with most of the random sites with small audiences. affiliate programs are cool, but not a very good business model by itself. as a bolt-on to an existing audience that is already being monetized as a small bonus to the bottom line -- great.
@ethnoza do you already have access to it?
@rrhoover affiliate link (af=746240) in the hunt url, is this ok with the user terms?