Smart HR platform for small & medium sized businesses

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Hey everyone, Super excited to be live on ProductHunt. Air offers various HR features like a central employee directory, time off booking, smart notifications and native iOS and Android apps. Air is built around a “hub-and-spoke” model. We offer a simple core for free with all the basic things that small businesses need and then our App Store allows businesses to extend the platform with native Air and best-in-class third-party extensions. Essentially - Air is an HR platform that grows as your business grows. We have a Product Hunt coupon which is active for the next 7 days - use “producthunt” for 3 months of our paid plan entirely free (you can always downgrade to a free-forever plan afterwards if you don’t need/use any of our paid features). I hope you’ll love Air and find it useful! Thanks! Nick
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@nickholzherr great product, I love Air. The features are simple to use and the interface is beautiful. I highly recommend it.
@ynotrusso Thanks Tony - awesome to hear! Appreciated :)
@ynotrusso @nickholzherr Thanks Tony! Great to have your feedback.
@nickholzherr This looks like a really cool product, definitely am going to download and have a look!
Hey Nick, Awesome news on the launch. Congrats on the new venture. It looks to have immense potential. For those not already aware, Nick's a pretty big deal here in Birmingham and well known nationally from his time on the BBC Apprentice a few years back (got to the final 2!!!). I have heard him give some great inspirational talks at various startup events. Super down to earth great guy. A quick sneak Good luck Nick
Seems to be pretty much just what we need. Thanks! We would find it even more useful if it integrated with Slack to remind about birthdays and policy updates. Advanced idea: See and manage all employees access rights to other company apps. In the on boarding process, just click to invite new employees to slack, Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, etc. One-click off-boarding to revoke all access rights to all company systems. That would be amazing.
@joacimwe Hey Joacim - thanks for the positive feedback! We *do* integrate with Slack for notifications - you can find it in the Air app store and connect it to your channel. We *don't* yet have the onboarding/offboarding processes you've mentioned - but what you're suggesting certainly sounds useful and something that might find itself onto our roadmap.
@nickholzherr oh, great! We'll try it out.
Hey Nick. Congratulations on the launch. I remember trying this out back when it was in Beta. It's looking super slick now. Amazed at how much you've been able to get done since then. I love the Employee onboarding and Time off features. Would have saved me a ton of time back when I was running my digital agency. Really liking the idea with the App integrations so customers can pick and choose features. Any plans for a dev API sometime soon so we could hook into external services? Thanks! Ansar
@ansar Thanks Ansar! Glad you like the UX - we've tried hard to make it simple and powerful at the same time - hard at times! We have dev APIs on our roadmap - but have quite a few integrations and features (see some of those here ahead of that currently so it will be some time. There are a few big key apps that lots of people are asking us for that we're prioritising.
@nickholzherr @ansar Looks great Nick, congratulations!! We are super interested in getting our hand on that API as well. We will be coming out with a simple search feature for all our 3rd party educational content that I think could really help give more options to your users.
@jalagrange @ansar Thanks Juan! Awesome - let's talk :)
wow, really dig this!
@_shahedk Thanks Shahed! :)