AI that can identify all your pictures 📱

#5 Product of the DayNovember 23, 2017

With a set of 5000 different meals and more than 4 million places, let aiPicture determine what the image is.

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Can’t believe my eyes this product made it to #5, this is so exciting, aiPicture is originaliy inspired by @mengto, an independent developer, and a glorious designer, By reading his book, it actually touches you and makes to just stand up and make something different, while I didn’t thought that i’ll Reach the top #5, but “ everything worth a shot, right? “ Check it out at ——— Like every year, Apple’s WWDC brings even more exciting features. Thanks to Apple, with the new machine learning framework, unbelievable tasks can be accomplished on your phone. Whether you're food lover or a map genius, aiPicture is for you. Getting additional information about your photos can be done on your phone today. Yes, I am not kidding. aiPicture currently supports: - Food name predictor Choose one of your favorite foods, or the ones you made, and let us do the rest -- from American donuts to Chinese Shandong, with a set of 5000 different meals. - Photo location predictor From Ankara’s Sultan Alaeddin Mosque to Washington’s White House, with a set of 5 million different places. aiPicture offers its best three predications. - More scanners coming soon What’s most exciting about aiPicture is that you do not need to send your location data or your pictures. We created the app to be 300MB and completely safe to the user. Rest assured, things will get done only your phone. aiPicture aims to support every topic of machine learning, from handwritten digit recognition to an emotions predictor. Notes: - aiPicture does not include ads, and it will not in the future. - aiPicture is free for a month, and the price will be $1.99. - Of course, aiPicture does not upload or take pictures. The rest of the app is offline ,expect for the map and three location predicators, which requires an internet connection.
@rawandshaswar interesting app, not sure about your description here though; "choose one of your favorite foods, or the ones you made, ladies, and let us do the rest" - Pretty sure it's not only 'ladies' who make their favourite meals. You might want to update this.
@ems_hodge thanks for the feedback,i've edited my comment,
Good luck with your product launch!у
@lisadziuba Great seeing you here lisa, thank you so much
Super impressive what you were able to do with machine learning. Even more impressed that Design+Code served as an inspiration. Thank you and congrats on this fantastic launch!
@mengto thank you so much ☺️
The Google Photos AI is very good at identifying the people in my pictures. I wonder how this will compare!
@theashtube it's about google vs apple, because the model i used comes officially from Apple's developer resources, i've made a few necessary changes, also mine does not identify people!
But will it tell me if what I'm eating is a hot dog, or not a hot dog?
@hook_taylor, unfortunately No, it tells what it sees on a picture