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Thank you for adding us! I'm one of the founders at Aimtell and happy to answer any questions you guys may have. To provide a little more information for those who aren't familiar: Aimtell enables users to re-engage their website visitors w/ targeted mobile & desktop web push notifications. Visitors can subscribe to your site through an extremely unobtrusive "allow" or "deny" prompt (no forms, emails or personal user info required). Once approved, our software begins collecting basic visitor information (eg mobile/desktop, location, page visit) and allows users to add their own custom events or attributes (eg purchased product, watched video, username). Users can then segment visitors based on any combination of attributes/events (eg purchased product, lives in CA & hasn't visited website in 5 days) and send a web push notification to drive the website visitor back to their site. Push notifications are delivered instantly, regardless if the visitor is on your website or even have their browser open! Currently supported on Safari(desktop), Chrome(desktop & mobile+android) and Firefox(desktop). We also offer APIs for developers to integrate the software directly into their existing platform and several third party plugins including Wordpress and Shopify so you can get started within minutes. Oh and it's completely free to start :) Site: https://aimtell.com/?ref=product... Shopify Plugin: https://apps.shopify.com/aimtell... Wordpress Plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ai... Basic 1 Minute Explainer:
Aimtell provides you with the ability to re-engage website visitors by sending real time web "push notifications". New website visitors are presented with a prompt encouraging them to receive notifications from your site.
Gonna try it; does it also capture (and export) email for old-school notifications? And to avoid multiple subscribing tools?
@vikramrajan Hey Vikram, happy to try and answer your questions. Could you provide a little more background on what you are trying to achieve? We actually don't deal with email at all - we deal with the new web push notification technology. We do allow users to export their subscriber's push notification tokens .