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  • Ilja Miskov
    Ilja MiskovUI & UX Designer



    This is a Jakub Antalik’s design ripoff.

    Please report this guy as he completely stole the entire user interface designed by Jakub Antalik. Don’t download this guy’s app and give him no more attention in the future.

    Ilja Miskov has never used this product.
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  • Christian Giordano
    Christian GiordanoProduct Designer

    Beautiful design


    Ripped off design

    Have some decency.

    Christian Giordano has never used this product.
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Liam Murphy
Liam Murphy@lemurf · Product Designer @ SumUp
I recommend completely avoiding this product. They have blatantly stolen designs by @JakubAntalik for his to-do app "Dona". Here's the website for original design ->
Ilja Miskov
Ilja Miskov@iljamiskov · UI & UX Designer
@jakubantalik @lemurf Reported this post for stealing Jakub’s work already.
Egor Kuznetsov
Egor KuznetsovMaker@e_kzntsv
@jakubantalik @lemurf Oh, that’s a total surprise for me. So let me try explain everything. All To-Do lists are pretty much the same looking from the beginning of the notebooks, as well as all the social media apps are pretty much the same and etc. Just search for “ToDo” anywhere and you will see tonnes of similarities around all the projects. All wheels are looking very similar, right? Apple is strongly promoting this type of layout which we are using inside our app. Check out Podcasts, Apple Music and etc. That Apple’s approach to UI/UX was a fundament for the main screen idea. I will not even mention that Xcode’s core functionality for UI/UX are Table View and Stack View, which looks completely the way Aims looks. You can also look trough Apple Keynote sessions and see this approach everywhere. The biggest difference is an idea and I’ve just walked trough Jakub’s Antalik website and you can be 100% sure that the whole idea, realisation, functionality in Aims is completely different from what he is presenting on his website (not a live product btw). Just give me your email address, I will send you a promo code, so you can see it yourself. And I am just curious. For example: everyone is trying to do AI predictions (from Google Search to To-Do apps) right now, so will you also blame everyone for using Jakub’s Antalik ideas, especially from the product which is not live? And don’t get me wrong, I am not so happy that for some people something in Aims may look kinda similar to some other product, but aren’t pretty much all the to-do lists screens coming from the Xcode have some similarities? Don’t forget about the wheels… All these allegations looks like comments about steeling on every new IOS or Android release on YouTube. So I feel like blaming someone without even looking into the actual app (especially if one exists and other doesn’t) is not a perfect way and we feel extremely disappointed, especially after an extremely hardworking process of launching multiple unique productivity apps this year. I personally wish Jakub Antalik good luck on finishing his extremely ambitious project and he can always contact me directly if he wants to, but I will not take a thief stamp, without being one. Please don’t forget about your email for the promo code to see everything on your own. Thanks!
Heislyc@heislyc · Founder, Corate
@e_kzntsv keen to try, how to provide you our email? :D
Egor Kuznetsov
Egor KuznetsovMaker@e_kzntsv
@heislyc sure! Just reply me with it. Thanks!
Baptiste@baptistedebever · Co-Founder of Feedier -- 🇫🇷 Entrepreneur
@e_kzntsv happy to give it a shot too! Looks good 😄 any beta tester ?
Egor Kuznetsov
Egor KuznetsovMaker@e_kzntsv
We completely rethink motivation, to-do and self improvement applications. Using our revolutionary app on a daily basis you can really fast create a better version of yourself. Based on latest productivity and personal growth researches, we created an app that can help you accomplish more and be healthier by managing your time and helping track your goals in the simplest possible way. Now, you don’t need to spend a lot of your energy and time to setup everything. Native and intelligent user interface can help you in time savings. So, you can spend this productive time achieving success and happiness in your life. With Aims you can: - Achieve your dreams - Boost your productivity and effectiveness - Manage your schedule and time in an innovative way - Live a healthy lifestyle
Joshua Arnao
Joshua Arnao@joshuaarnao
Mac app?
Timur Karbaya
Timur KarbayaMaker@karbaya · Founder of
@joshuaarnao we are working on it!
Navid Mirzaie Milani
Navid Mirzaie Milani@navidmirzaie · Front-end developer
I think it is not fear acuse someone that he/she stolen a design from someone else. Everyone is free to get inspired from each other and that is a great thing. Altough some apps may look the same the whole idea behind it can be totally different and also the way it can help the user to accomplish his goals.
Mohammed ElBalkini
Mohammed ElBalkini@mbalkini · Discovering tech
i love how this app is ripping off any jargon and is focusing on a very simple UI.