Learn the basics of MBA in less than 24 hours via messenger

Aibo is a not for profit AI powered chatbot built to teach you the basics of MBA in less than a day. It does this via quizlets and resources curated from the best places around the web. In addition, there will soon be a facebook group to build a better platform for co-learning.

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You should try implement that in telegraph bot as well. Not that much different. For people who don't use Facebook.
@setkyarwalar Thanks for the feedback! I will try and work on that too and launch it soon for similar platforms. Hope you enjoyed my humble effort with Aibo. Please consider sharing/donating!
i admire the fact that you launched even before purchasing the domain name :-) best example of just launch. Looks good πŸ‘ best of luck.
@shakks Thank you for your positive review! Honestly, here's the story: I'm still learning how to code, but why wait to launch a product until you have "All the knowledge?". I decided to implement an idea I admired from @levelsio into a chatbot that can be used by anyone who has facebook. Convenience, great resources and simplicity is all at their disposal. I wanted to show people that using free tools, you really can do something worthwhile. If people like it, good. Nothing beats the experience you get from being bootstrapped. Also, may I ask why you thought it was a good idea to launch before buying a domain name?
Cause I did the same thing but with domain name for using launchaco. It’s always better to walk slowly then to stand still.
@shakks That's really. Props to you. I checked out your website, fantastic work via launchaco. But currently I can't upgrade since Launchaco just got acquired by namecheap. I will when the slot opens again!
Love the product! Great use of leveraging an existing platform to drive value πŸ™Œ
@lachlankirkwood Thank you so much! I'm glad you found value in it. Please do consider sharing and donating!
As a product manager i love the idea of automated responses that the user can send. But i feel my screen gets flooded with a lot of messages at once. A good way would be to estimate time to read that message or maybe simply have a gap of 30 seconds between messages
@anvika_kumar Thanks for the suggestion. I'll work on that for the next update!