AI Standing Desk

A smart standing desk that talks & listens

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I dont understand why the desk needs to talk to me? Its cool that it senses you and stuff but talking?
@mikeeshattuck hey mikee, you can choose the 'basic model' which doesn't come with speech recognition and personal assistant features. the best use cases that we learned so far is 'hands free personal assistant' so that while you're busy working on your computer you can just ask the desk to perform various tasks and it will confirm (talk) back. it's completely hands-free so you don't have to stop what you're doing, just keep going, and think of it more like a personal assistant in the background always listening for your commands.
@duyhtq very interesting, I think the self sensing desk was enough,
Like a boss. I don't like how you design the machine but it's so cool. Hope that the final version will be more simple and beautiful.
@hoandesign hey hoan, we'll start shipping in july (in 8 - 12 weeks). would love to get your feedback on 'simple and beautiful'. can you please drop me an email at
Really curious how this desk is doing things like calling a car. Integration with phone? I'd like to see a version with just the desk and not the AI / speakers.
@morewillie hey willie. it's mostly api integration. no.. the desk has a built-in processor (android-based) and performs all the speech recognition, natural language processing, and api integration right inside the desk. yes, we do have the 'basic model' which is a beautiful, premium standing desk for only $399, without all the AI features. or you can go with the $299 model and build your own. thanks!