A decentralized MarketPlace built on BlockStack

Agora is a decentralized MarketPlace built on BlockStack where you can create your own store and buy and sell items

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Hello ProductHunt! First off, thank you very much @aaronoleary for hunting! I started building this solely about 4 weeks ago, launching it last week after adding all of the MVP features that make up a marketplace (buying, selling, listing, viewing orders, etc.). It's been a lot of fun building on Blockstack so far and I'm really happy with what I've been able to achieve with it. For those that don't know, Blockstack is a decentralized platform that enables a sort of "single sign on" with your decentralized identity powered by your own storage provider through Gaia. Building on this platform has allowed me to add many privacy focused features to Agora, with many more on the way. Because I'm relying solely on Gaia and the users' own storage, there is no database at all for this site. This enables your customers to be private, what you buy is private, who you buy from is private, and there's nobody sitting in the middle of your transactions, such as the case with eBay. Now that I have the MVP up and running, one of the features I'd really love to start focusing on is the idea of "secret shops". Peer to peer encrypted shops so that the seller can decide/approve whoever they want to allow access to their shops. The items in the shops are then encrypted with the public key of the customers, keeping the items free from public viewing, if one so desires. Besides that, I'd love to add multi-cryptocurrency support, better tooling for shop owners, better UX/UI in general, escrow services with select currencies, and integration with other Blockstack applications such as Stealthy for e2e encrypted chat. Mostly though, I'd really love to be community driven and hear what features are desired and what pain points customers/shop owners might have. This project is open source, so I always encourage reaching out by creating a github issue. I want this to be an easy to use, privacy focused, censorship resistant marketplace so that we're no longer reliant on centralized services such as eBay, Shopify, and Amazon, while no longer needing to roll our own shops all by ourselves.
@aaronoleary @cycryptr 1. Anthony Ronning, this project is cool, could the escrow services using two deposit mechanism like bitmarkets? Buyers and sellers can both use bitcoin(or other multi-cryptocurrencies) multi signature feature to deposit bitcoin firstto secure their each transaction. Totally no middle man. its github here ,openbazaar don't have two deposit features 2. open source and community driven are great, especially for decentralized apps and websites.
@aaronoleary @blockstack_yummy Hello @blockstack_yummy , thanks for the comment! I have not heard of bitmarkets before, but will definitely look into it, thank you for the link. I would definitely like to have an escrow option in the future, at least in one cryptocurrency (probably solely bitcoin), so if bitmarkets can be incorporated here, that would be great. I have heard of the two way deposit mechanism before, but I am not a fan of having the seller risk funds and the item. Personally, I've been burned many times by Paypal in the past, and multi sig escrow isn't a perfect solution, so I wouldn't want to impose on the sellers the possibility of losing 2x what a buyer could lose. While I do feel strongly against required two way deposits, I do really appreciate your suggestion and could be persuaded for it if given enough feedback. If you would like to chat on it more, I am more than happy to engage in this conversation as well though, maybe I've misunderstood it before. In any case, thank you for the suggestions and comments!
@aaronoleary @cycryptr 1. Two double deposit means that sellers and buyers have to deposit the same bitcoin and take the same risk together before they close their transaction, 100% controlled by bitcoin itself not like paypal, alipay, stripe,etc. The main con is that is too slow for syncing data now.You can find more infos here. 2. users can store their data on different storage suppliers, like gaia, Amazon and dropbox.So, how can you make their product items all readable and searchable by price or date if 100 sellers post the products with the same keywords?
@aaronoleary @blockstack_yummy 1. I’ll take a look, I think the way they do it addresses my 2x vs 1x scenario. 2. I don’t have any plans yet for searching products across all sellers. I’ll keep something in mind, but it will introduce some centralization unless I make queriable listings powered by a smart contract or something.
Great Idea, careful with the name I know a company called in the space that do similar things.
Hi Anthony - nice work... I tried to enter public info but the save button didn't seem to do anything - if you let me know if its a bug I'll try again when fixed..