Age Recognition API detects an age of people on photos. Model is trained on few datasets up to 300 000 images of people. It can be helpful for those who work with photo stock sites. The API makes keywording more accurate and image searching more relevant.
We’re so exciting about transforming age detection algorithms from an entertaining app to a tool for managing and improving many business processes! Now we launch Age Recognition API that becomes the addition to Image Keywording and Stock Photo Scoring services. In the future Age Recognition will be integrated into DAM-service, that combine all of those tools with sales analysis, and make it more efficient and accurate in auto keywording and searching. Also Age Recognition model may be used for categorization data in companies which collect information about people (such as model or recruiting agencies), for forming selection of respondents during social science researches, for verification users of dating services, social media and other services which require a confirmation of age. Let's check it out!
Better it could show the photo before photoshop editing lol
@payne_at_aaa we'll think about it ;)
I tried 4 times and every was clear. Magic!
I guess it doesn't work with plastic surgery and photoshop nowadays:))
@jessicabbbbbbbb Sure, AI could be cheated too :) Just like a human
Probably it's very funny add, especially using your friends photos