Find the best affiliate programs related to SaaS

AffTable helps podcasters, influencers, bloggers or other content creators to monetize their traffics. You can find the best affiliate programs related to SaaS here!
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Hi, I’m Benny and the maker behind AffTable! 😸 AffTable is a simple project. When I was developing my previous product (a Shopify app), I tried to write a long blog post to talk about my journey. it took me a week to finish the post. Since the time taken was a bit long, I wanted to compensate for my cost by adding affiliate links to the tools I used. When I was googling, I found that there wasn’t a listing about these affiliate schemes. Therefore, I’ve analyzed 100 SaaS companies and carefully handpicked more than 60 affiliate programs from them. I thought that it might benefit other podcasters, bloggers, influencers, YouTubers, small communities, or makers if I shared the data with the public. Also, the jobless rate is surging to an unprecedented level due to the coronavirus. It may help others to make a side income by monetizing their content. 💰 p.s. thanks to sheet2site made by @andreyazimov, I can manage to finish the site within 2 days. It's definitely an excellent tool for making listing sites!
Great job! Congrats with the launch! Added Sheet2Site to the list.
Great resource and congrats on launching. I think you can make your tagline a bit more appealing for your target audience by highlighting the value you are offering to them right away. And so, instead of "Find the best affiliate programs related to SaaS", you might say "A collection of affiliate programs to help you monetize your web traffic."
@sekhar_chandra yes, your tagline is suitable for my next step. Currently, I omit 2 largest categories of affiliate marketing, travel & physical goods. The players including Trivago, Expedia, Walmart, Target & others are seriously affected by the virus. So I would like to start from digital goods to physical goods.