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Adventure Local ( Advlo ) connects travelers with authentic local adventures around the world. We are leveling the playing field for the adventure travel industry by allowing people to easily upload, showcase, and sell their adventure activities.
Tell me about unit economics. What's your cut on these bookings?
I've seen this model pop up a few times over the last year. What do you think is driving this? Are travelers genuinely looking for these more authentic/local experiences and if so why?
@Percival As travelers ourselves, we wanted build a community where we could connect and customize adventures with the best guides around the world - and we think others are ready to ditch the one stop shop itineraries as well. We know our real value is to empower people that don't yet have access to an online booking system around the globe.
We are currently working with a few travelers testing an incentivized ambassador program. To really provide people with the value of unique adventures, we need to monetarily motivate travelers who are currently in our untapped markets ( Central / South America, Africa, Asia) - to onboard these guides. So our cost of acquiring a host is higher than a traveler, but receives & provides a longer term value for Adventure Local.
Why do you want to join the 500 program and what do you hope to get out of it?