Adobe XD is made for designers like you, by designers like us.

Easily create beautiful animations that move, scale and blur across artboards. Build realistic voice prototypes for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. Resize elements for different screens. Integrate with plugins and app integrations for Slack, JIRA, Microsoft Teams, and more.

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I'm really impressed how Adobe is developing XD. They keep pushing, despite the criticism. Where Invision is transforming to a lifestyle brand, Adobe is back to their core; making killer tools for creative people. Wasn't expecting to write this a year ago.
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Basically Adobe had the time to hear every user request and mold it into the perfect design software. I've been using XD for more than three years.


IT'S FREE, fast, small file size, linked symbols, plugins, one-click shareable prototypes.



I must say, I was pretty impressed by their demo Yesterday. Even if I'm not a fan of Adobe for multiple reasons, they shipped great features for this new version and it's seems very easy to use.

It's very good for the competition 👍🏻


Great new features! It's Free, detached from any subscription and seems fast


It's Adobe

Responsive resizing 👍
Pros: Been waiting for adobe XD to be ready for prime time forever. Now that it's here, I'm stoked! Cons: Been waiting for adobe XD to be ready for prime time forever. Now that it's here, realizing there's at least five other tools that I've been using that do exactly what it does and more. I'm bummed.
@thecartoonfood what other tools have responsive artboards? or auto animation between artboards (except Studio)? Interested to know because I've been after features like this for awhile.
@thecartoonfood @prolax Atomic and have been doing auto animation for years, and do a much much better job. Responsive artboards are something unique to XD, though Sketch can handle that pretty well if you are starting design from there.
@thecartoonfood @prolax Sketch, Figma, and Framer all have responsive artboards. Principle, Prototypr, Framer,, Flinto (I could go on and on) animate between artboards.
@thecartoonfood @prolax of the popular tools, Framer X, Sketch, and Figma allow both. I've seen good responsive artboards as far back as Hype Pro and has one of the best transition tools, including keyframe/timeline transition tools for something more custom. Adobe has been late to the game historically (there was no layers panel when I first evaluated XD!), but it's a good thing they are catching up. Competition raises all boats.