Adobe Voice 2.0

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When we originally created Adobe Voice, we started with the idea that everyone has a great story to tell, so what if created a tool that just let them focus on their story? No distracting production details, timelines, keyframes, searching dozens of places for the right visuals or music… just talk and tell your story. And get a stunning animated explainer video in minutes. Since then, Apple named Voice one of the Best Apps of the Year. But we're even more jazzed that this radically simple idea has helped millions of people tell their stories better. It's been humbling to see students learn to explain big ideas, small businesses raise awareness, and fantastic causes inspire action every day. Our biggest user request has been to bring Voice to more places. So to kick that off, we're thrilled to bring Voice to the iPhone. We've optimized the UX for the phone, so now it's even faster to flick through and tell your story. As it turns out, it feels incredibly natural to talk into a phone. :) Oh, and now your stories are synced to the cloud, so if you have stories on an iPad, you can edit them right on your iPhone. The team is stoked to get this out there and help even more folks create beautiful, engaging, effective explainer videos. Glad to hear what folks think and answer questions y'all have. Most of all, we're excited to see the amazing stories you tell – wherever you are!
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@tomng Hey Tom, this is awesome! I saw you talk at the Lean Startup about Adobe Voice and the story behind it. So cool. I basically got an iPad for this one app alone. So stoked to see it on iPhone. Can't wait to try it out. Viet pride!
@tomng Thoughts on bringing this to Android? As I start using more and more Adobe products (curse you CC for making this easy), I find myself feeling like I'm being pushed more and more to the Apple ecosystem. I'm not complaining (obviously what y'all do works) as much as trying to see if it's something that is done by intent or just because the majority of your developers are still more comfortable with iOS and OS/X?
@tomng , now I have to update my two courses about Adobe Voice on Udemy :).
@tomng , I have a suggestion that will make Adobe Voice the best tool ever for education. Automatic page creation by reading a text file o receiving a pasted full script! For every comma ( , ) or punctuation (! ? .), Adobe Voice creates a page. With that, the students can read the pages while recording their voices and they can left the text in full or in part. This will make Voice even more fast to produce videos.
@paulo_andrade Whoa, a Udemy course! Thanks, Paulo! And neat idea. We've definitely wanted to do more to help folks create and leverage scripts and prompts, and make it even faster for people to tell their story. You may see more to come there!
Just tried it out, looks very nice. It's fun and easy to use! I just missed the possibility to add a video instead of an image. Are you going to support that in the future?
@ttrauser Yes, would so like to intersperse video captured on my phone, like you do in your own explainer video for the Voice app. Seems obvious right?
@ttrauser Howdy Manuel! Glad you're enjoying it! Recorded video can be awesome, but getting the right lighting, sound, cast, crew, camera work, not to mention editing… can be hard and take a lot of time. So we didn't want to add in video until we'd figured out how to make it radically simple, like the rest of what Voice does. Been working on it: excited for what's coming. :)
@tomng Thanks for the reply! Well - for me it has not to be that professional, but adding a short video which I took with my phone would be enough for me and it would be very simple. Keep going guys, it's already an awesome app!
Great program guys! I was wondering why there is a "created with adobe voice" two second long watermark-like slide at the end of every presentation? Neither Powerpoint nor Keynote does this; it's kinda annoying to trim the clip somewhere else. Can't there be an option to disable that feature for Creative Cloud members? 😉 Love the ux and usability though. David.
@davidbernegger Thanks David! Glad you're enjoying Voice. And thanks for the feedback – agree we should make that easier! For context if you're curious how it got there in the first place: One of the reasons Voice is different is that it not only provides millions of integrated free Creative Commons photos and graphics (so you don't have to waste time searching for images) – but it automatically tracks their usage and automatically creates that credits page at the end to properly attribute the creators. It's a small thing, but some high school students have told us, surprisingly, automatic credits and attributions is their killer feature. :)
Any idea when it will be available for Android? For me it seems like a incredible product that can help content creation. Can be a new trend.
@gabrielreynard Howdy, Gabriel! Thanks for your enthusiasm! This is definitely just a first step in bringing Voice to more folks. For the curious: While the Voice interface seems radically simple, under the hood our nifty engineers built a crazy motion graphics engine written natively, from the ground up, to render cinematic motion graphics – in real-time – on mobile. It can literally generate motion from Hollywood pro tools like After Effects. Moving that new engine from iPad to iPhone was straightforward, so we started there. But there's more to come. :)
I've been using Voice since beta and as soon as I saw this submission, I thought "got take the ipad to work to try out what's new and make the much needed video explainer for ". Surprise! I don't need to take the ipad. A very welcome upgrade!