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Also referring to themselves as "running a background check" for an address or neighborhood. Would have liked to know about this site before moving on more than one occasion. It makes sense to visit a new location in the day time and at night since the vibe can totally change. In NYC sometimes its really rowdy at night, but super calm during the day time when you check it out. Problem usually is once you see a nice apt, you can't really leave without throwing down a deposit. If only there was a way to get a better idea for how the area is before you visit... :)
Kevin Dolan here, CTO of AR. Thanks for the mention @kristofertm. I'll be available to answer any questions anybody has today. Anybody visiting us from ProductHunt can get a week of free premium access by signing up and then emailing us at team@addressreport.com with the subject "Product Hunted!" It's probably worth mentioning our strong NYC-focus. We're a small team, so we're focusing on really solving the problem for one city at a time. We've built out a system that allows us to generate very different reports for different cities where the data sources and relevant information vary. We'll generate a report for any address, but outside of NYC, there are only a few national datasets. We'll be expanding to a couple more cities in the very near future.
@kevinjdolan just a bit of UX feedback.. I tried entering my address and nothing happened. I thought I was doing something wrong.. a simple message like, "We are currently only available in the NYC at this time, sign up here to be alerted when your addresses is added" would be a MUCH better experience than currently.
@BlendahTom Thanks for the tip. We admit the address lookup box is a little janky right now, and it's something we're continually trying to improve. It's also interesting that you mention alerts; we're working on an alerts feature this week -- something we think will be pretty valuable outside of NYC and will ultimately help drive what areas we expand to.
@kevinjdolan I'm sure you will have a ton of traffic coming in today..so might make sense to put some type of disclaimer that it's only NYC data for the time being.
We're giving out free premium access for anyone who finds AR via ProductHunt *today*, b/c we want to be sure you're able to check out the full AR experience. Please email team [at] addressreport.com with subject line "Product Hunted!" from the same email address you used to register with AddressReport and we'll gift your account a free week of premium AR access.
@kayvonbina you rock. :)
@kayvonbina right on!
I love the team behind this project.
@srcasm ...and we love WeWork. It was great place for us to get started!
@srcasm Love WeWork - helped forge so many great friendships, ideas, connections, and pinball high-score wars.
This seems right up @jason's alley per his RFP email last night.