Additor beta

Pocket and Evernote got a minimal and collaborative baby

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Hoan Do
@hoandesign · UX Designer, PPCLINK MOBILE
Really beautiful product with a lot of features. One of the best Evernote alternative I have seen.
Jiwon Jang
@jiwon_nique_jang · CEO at Additor
Hello, hunters! Thanks @hoandesign for hunting Additor! I'm Jiwon Jang, CEO & co-founder of Additor. It feels amazing to be here since it's been a week from our beta launch. We think that organizing and utilizing information is much more important than just aggregating it. However, existing tools couldn't offer appropriate means or UX. Additor is like… See more
Sungpil Nam
This is really a great tool for creators, story-tellers, and writers. You can expect a lot of amazing features with seamless user experience.
Emily Campbell
@elou · Product Designer
I see so many use cases for this. All of the "man I wish could..."s bundled into one. Really excited to use this for planning my writing and for product documentation to see how well it holds up under heavy use
Price tag hunt: Failed. I cannot understand why a lot of startups don´t publish price or business model.