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Pocket and Evernote got a minimal and collaborative baby

#4 Product of the DayMay 11, 2017
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  • Gabrielle DoMassage Therapist Will-be

    Simple, fast, organized


    None so far

    I've enjoyed every aspect of this product, even at its early stages. I've used this to create quick layouts of my blog posts and will use Additor for my studies. I'll keep thinking of the pros and cons. (Phoenixfirelotus / ElegantAdventure)

    Gabrielle Do has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    I am always organised with


    It's some bugs, like unmissed posts when I am saving the link.

    I really like, because it is perfect, it's the best way to keep looking for new boowmarks or other links and keep in order & orgazined.

    Pedro Au has used this product for one year.


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Hoan DoHunter@hoandesign · UX Designer, PPCLINK MOBILE
Really beautiful product with a lot of features. One of the best Evernote alternative I have seen.
Jiwon JangMaker@jiwon_nique_jang · CEO at Additor
@hoandesign Thanks for hunting Additor. Why don't you confirm my request for adding makers?
Hoan DoHunter@hoandesign · UX Designer, PPCLINK MOBILE
@jiwon_nique_jang sorry, I can't read your email sooner. :D
Jiwon JangMaker@jiwon_nique_jang · CEO at Additor
@hoandesign It's okay. Thank you again for hunting us. Let's keep in touch with :)
Jiwon JangMaker@jiwon_nique_jang · CEO at Additor
Hello, hunters! Thanks @hoandesign for hunting Additor! I'm Jiwon Jang, CEO & co-founder of Additor. It feels amazing to be here since it's been a week from our beta launch. We think that organizing and utilizing information is much more important than just aggregating it. However, existing tools couldn't offer appropriate means or UX. Additor is like a baby of Pocket and Evernote, which is visualized and intuitive. Not that light, and not that heavy. We're at the very early stage. Please join Additor and let us know if you have any questions or feedbacks. Thank you.
Tom Bielecki@tombielecki · Cofounder, PrintToPeer
@jiwon_nique_jang @hoandesign I was hoping the website would have more information regarding pricing/future plans, and whether or not there is collaboration possible with the app. Maybe a FAQ?
Tom Bielecki@tombielecki · Cofounder, PrintToPeer
@jiwon_nique_jang @hoandesign The site mentions teams, but you've compared it to two personal tools, so I'm confused with how it is intended to be used and how many people you can share with
Jiwon JangMaker@jiwon_nique_jang · CEO at Additor
@tombielecki Thank you for great feedbacks! We're going to add the information to our website. We'll let you know after we update these details. Also, your opinion on the terms I used is keen. The reason I mentioned two tools was to emphasize the pattern or use-case. Additor can combine two features of them with seamless UX. The number of collaborators is not restricted yet. Please ask me anything you want to know. :)
Damien Casoni@damiencasoni · Damien Casoni
@jiwon_nique_jang @hoandesign @additor I wish I could import all my Pocket's saves into it at once.
Jiwon JangMaker@jiwon_nique_jang · CEO at Additor
@damiencasoni Hello, Damien. Additor is considering the option. After we update this, I'll let you know.
Price tag hunt: Failed. I cannot understand why a lot of startups don´t publish price or business model.
Jiwon JangMaker@jiwon_nique_jang · CEO at Additor
@tafkaf Thanks for your feedback. We also think pricing model or business model is one of the most important for startups. However, we got hunted unexpectedly😓, and it's been only a week since we decided to 'test' our beta. Why don't you give me more your opinion on this subject? If possible, please contact me ''.
@jiwon_nique_jang @additor Hey, thanks for the clarification, and congratulations to the hunt :) It´s not about you or your product. I am just tired of "hunting" for the price tag in general.
Sungpil Nam@sungpil_nam
This is really a great tool for creators, story-tellers, and writers. You can expect a lot of amazing features with seamless user experience.
Jiwon JangMaker@jiwon_nique_jang · CEO at Additor
@sungpil_nam Thanks. Add it with 'features with seamless user experience'.
Emily Campbell@elou · Product Designer
I see so many use cases for this. All of the "man I wish could..."s bundled into one. Really excited to use this for planning my writing and for product documentation to see how well it holds up under heavy use
Jiwon JangMaker@jiwon_nique_jang · CEO at Additor
@elou Hello, Emily. Thank you for your comment. You just caught possible use cases of Additor. I'm so happy to hear that you are excited to use ours. Please try what you wanna do and give me more feedbacks.