Additor Air

If Notion and Zoom had a super baby for remote collaborators

Additor Air is the lightest tool to share knowledge. It's a free and no-registration tool! 🥳If you work remotely now, this is the perfect productivity suite with a collaborative note and video conferencing. Go to to check out more features.
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Hey hunters! 👋 I'm thrilled to share our launch of Additor Air with y'all. Thanks @bramk for hunting us. Additor Air is the lightest way for the remote collaborators to organize information, write a note, and communicate with each other with the video conferencing. COVID-19 has been changing our work a lot and one of the most important shifts is the remote work. However, not everyone was ready to accept it. That's why our team released Additor Air as free and no registration. Additor is Techstars alumni, and we learned the philosophy of #GiveFirst there. Actually, the very first prototype of Additor was featured here a few years ago, and we got many of our early customers here. I'm happy to giving the love back this time. Additor is more focusing on organizing various formats of content than other note tools. Also, it has more powerful features than Additor Air. If you do research, read materials, and organize a variety of information, just try Additor today. Hope you enjoy our product and please feel free to let us know your thoughts. Cheers,
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@sungpil_nam As a startup, the voices of our customers are the most important. Ready to listen!
Spent about 15 minutes on this and all i can say is DAMN.
@shawnroos DAMN!! This is the reaction just what we wanted. Cheers!
Well done guys! This is a great product!
@jordan_monnet Thanks! Our team worked hard on this. Cheers to them!
I would love to try this with my class however, there is a lack of internet access :/ even more so due to this pandemic
@per_se I hope you are safe and well. Professors, tutors, and lecturers use our tool to organize materials and share them with students. I think Additor Air will be more helpful since it offers video conferencing. Just give it a try, and give us feedback! Thanks :)
Awesome ! I've been using this service on my research and it helps me organize my stuff. If the viewer in this service shows me everything fine, it could be perfect for me. When I look around the Air version in a short time, it looks really good to use due to not signing up(actually, it doesn't difficult at all !). Cheer up, guys !!
@lucas_anderson Thanks, Lucas! There are some differences between Additor and Additor Air. We love you like both. Cheers!