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Adapty is a service for analyzing and growing mobile in-app subscriptions. Use Adapty for paywalls A/B testing, measuring economy and customers promotion.
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Hey Product Hunters, Vitaly from Adapty here. We've been working with mobile subscriptions since 2015 and built a top-10 mobile app in education in App Store with 10M users and know that mobile subscriptions are hard: * tracking subscription events such as renews, cancelations, auto-renew off, etc. require server * linking events to a user require custom logic on both client and server sides Subscription A/B testing proved to be a nightmare for us: tests were inconsistent, variations were mixed with each other, versioning did not exist. To evaluate results it often took us *a week* with all data joining and cleaning. And still, every time we were calculating something we weren't 100% confident that the dataset was clean and unbiased. Marketing promotions for different user groups also weren’t so effective: we were able to send promotions via emails or push notifications, but we were unable to correctly evaluate results. That's why we're developing Adapty. We started as a side project internally to solve our own problems and then decided to build it as a standalone product. We think, that knowing your economy is a key to grow mobile monetization. From the tech part, Adapty has an internal data lake that aggregates in-app events into useful information. We use technologies such as AWS Kinesis and Clickhouse to built scalable event processing. We're Serverless fans (we run the largest Serverless community in Russia), so we use AWS Lambda to deal with scalability problems. Core features squeezed: * A/B tests for paywalls * Promo campaigns in push notifications (over 95% of users are freemium so we see a great potential to increase revenue) * Subscription events processing without coding. We're proud that developers rely on our data to make settlements with media agencies * Integrations with AppsFlyer, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Branch, Adjust, Facebook Ads and your Webhook For startups and product hunters, we have a special offer: 1 month free on full plan + with personal onboarding and app monetization review. Just contact me. I'm happy to help anyone who deals with mobile subscriptions, feel free to contact me ❤️ - Vitaly
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A great service from an experienced team. Good luck!
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Знаю основателя компании Виталия. Сильная команда и сильный продукт. А главное полезный и понятный в использовании.
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@victoronly спасибо!
Great work!
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Very easy-to-use and very useful tool for any mobile apps with subscriptions. Cool team, good focus on the most important features for monetization! Good luck, guys!
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@loutsker_pavel thank you and stay tuned, much more coming soon:)
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