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Cariel Cohen
@ccohen55 · Founder at ActivShield
Hi Product Hunters! The intention of ActivShield is to provide with a simple first-line-of-security for micro-enterprises that do not have the time or a large budget to protect their most precious online asset, their website. Are you worried about who visits your website? Possible competitors investigating to copy your every move? Are hackers profiling… See more
@alban · E-commerce manager.
Hello @ccohen55. Don't you have a problem whith your princing plan ? (I may have missed the K behind the number of views) I dont consider some of my websites like big websites, but I can break the advanced plan's page view limit in one day, almost with each.
@hackingtag · Developer, Volcrado
Hi Cariel, your product looks great. May I know the exact functionality of the services you offer?
Kalo Yankulov
@kaloyanyankulov · Product creator and marketer
@ccohen55 Hi Cariel, Interesting concept! How do you control/block malicious bots that access the site on a server level and not a browser/JS level?
Kevin Osuna
@kevinosuna1989 · Freelance
Cool. Actual in our time