Auto step counter/pedometer for Android, iPhone, or Watch

ActivityTracker is an automatic step counter, pedometer for Android and iPhone that uses the embedded motion processor in order to save battery life (no GPS).

It's an alternative to wearing and charging a dedicated fitness band. It keeps track of steps, calories burned, active time, and flights of stairs climbed.

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@mike I tried several activity tracker apps over the years, and usually gave up on them due to the battery drain from GPS use. Glad to see someone taking a different approach! Just downloaded the app and would love to try the pro version.
We are excited to launch ActivityTracker for Android here on Product Hunt! Thank you for hunting us @chrismessina. We are strong believers in the quantified self movement and that people can improve their fitness level by challenging themselves! ActivityTracker wants to help its users track all-day activity without wearing a dedicated fitness device. Why would you need to carry another device when you already carry your phone each time when walking outside (which can be a proxy for the entire day's activity)? By using the motion processor inside the modern Android and iPhone devices, ActivityTracker automatically tracks the steps, distance, active time, calories burned, and flights of stairs climbed without draining the battery (no GPS). We have been working on ActivityTracker for 4 years now, it was first released on iPhone and Apple Watch in June 2015. Now we finally launch it on Android with almost all the features of the iPhone version.
@chrismessina @cosminu I've been using StepsApp for quite some time on _iOS_ and would love to give this Pro version a try. ;)

This is an useful app for monitoring your physical activity. It's been helping me move more and spend more time being physically active rather than laying on the couch in front of the TV.

It tracks all the basic stuff from steps taken to calories burned and lets you set a fitness goal for yourself to stay motivated.


- nice dark design

- easy to use

- accurate step tracking

- minimum impact on battery life


- none so far