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Easy to use UI components with built-in support for Open Graph scraping, #hashtags, @mentions, likes, comments, file uploads and realtime; empowering you to quickly launch engaging activity feeds and notification feeds with React Native and Stream. Plain JS, React, iOS and Android versions of this kit will follow shortly.

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Supriya Gupta
Supriya Gupta@retargetlinks · Marketing Manager @RetargetLinks
Looks great! Excited to try use this for our company 😃
Thomas Høgenhaven
Thomas Høgenhaven@thogenhaven
Great move with the built in support for all major features. Looking forward to try it in an upcoming project.
Alex - Azurcoding
Alex - Azurcoding@codingalex · CEO, Azurcoding
Can’t wait for the iOS version of this! Will it be in Swift?
Tommaso Barbugli
Tommaso BarbugliMakerHiring@tommasobarbugli1
@codingalex yes, the iOS library is going to be built with Swift. Stay tuned ;)
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee@anthonygawonlee · Founder at Lunamisoo and Moonlyte Media
@codingalex @tommasobarbugli1 Yes, waiting for that.
@codingalex @tommasobarbugli1 @anthonygawonlee Hi Anthony! Miss you man!! Thanks for checking this out!
Melvin Mekki
Melvin Mekki@mmoustai · Dev
Congrats guys !
Justin Kifer
Justin Kifer@justinkifer
Sweet! Love Stream and React Native.