Easy to use UI components with built-in support for Open Graph scraping, #hashtags, @mentions, likes, comments, file uploads and realtime; empowering you to quickly launch engaging activity feeds and notification feeds with React Native and Stream. Plain JS, React, iOS and Android versions of this kit will follow shortly.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Looks great! Excited to try use this for our company 😃
Great move with the built in support for all major features. Looking forward to try it in an upcoming project.
Can’t wait for the iOS version of this! Will it be in Swift?
@codingalex yes, the iOS library is going to be built with Swift. Stay tuned ;)
@codingalex @tommasobarbugli1 @anthonygawonlee Hi Anthony! Miss you man!! Thanks for checking this out!
Congrats guys !
Sweet! Love Stream and React Native.