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Hey there, We collected a bunch of growth hacking tactics that are worth trying by every product owner. This hacks helped us a lot in promoting our own product, and we hope that they will help you also! Feel free to ask us any questions and provide your ideas in comments below. We are open for AMA!
@kkattyes this is cool :) add more
@narek_vardanyan Thanks! Will be done :)
9 ideas for now, any plans to grow the list or add more details/resources to each idea?
@aleks_muse Hi Aleksandra, We will consider it in future. If our new tactics work, we will make the second part.
@kkattyes I see. Would be great to see some new and non-trivial ideas!
This is great! Any plans to integrate with Todoist?
@thesiskar Hi Kevin, We don't plan to realize it in future, but you can use our on-site check boxes. They will remember you for the next time you open the page ;)
Hey @kkattyes - love when people share actionable tips. Thanks heaps! Can people submit their own growth hack tip/tricks?
Hi @_preston_daniel, Sure, you can submit the ideas here in comments and will consider them in Part 2 of Actionable Growth Hacks :)